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The most ancient profession escort by Luxury Moscow Girls
The most ancient profession, no doubt, is considered, the sales woman. But it not absolutely so.
Now I'll try a little bit to open the eyes of the sense approval.
The sales woman is one of the most ancient, along with the hunter and gatherers. The first woman sells for a piece of mammoth, and therefore, the hunter appeared earlier. All the people still want to so-called, freebies, and here is a double pleasure. Got sex and getting fed up. In our society has become much all запущенней than before, appeared and corrupt men.
And most importantly, about the post. People lived in caves, fireplace also appeared long ago. Fireplace in those days was a walled stones of fire. Therefore, and stove-maker is one of the oldest professions.
To summarize: in The first place put people collectors, on the second hunters, on the third of sales of the women, the second man is the Builder, and at the end of the fifth this stove-maker. If someone does not agree then I'm sorry, each person has his own opinion
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